Sunday, February 3, 2008

Waiting, waiting..........

'Gaze' ~ Watercolour ~ unframed
~ $120 ~

A lovely lady, 'Dysthymiac', who browses my blog occasionally, recently made a generous reference to my paintings. Since my accident I have not done much, but intend to once all issues are dealt with, and I am functioning 'as well as I can expect'.

I have lots of work tucked away in my studio, so will pop one in here occasionally while I wait for my inspiration to flower again.


Such a sore leg, and waiting for TAC (insurance) to approve surgery. They've OK'd the wrist, but not the knee yet, and want more information from the surgeon, who won't be able to do that until Wednesday. A long drawn out process. Then he may have to convince them that although I have some age related degeneration in that knee, there is injury from the accident as well.

If there's a problem, I'll tell them pre-accident I was riding a 600lb motorcycle, which requires standing on that leg and swiveling to mount, and needing strength in the legs to hold the bloody thing upright. I couldn't do that now.

I got a copy of the MRI report from my GP on Friday, and I have a radial tear in one meniscus (cartilage), bone on bone on one side with
no cartilage, assorted cysts and ganglions, and fluid tracking down one tendon. No wonder it bloody well hurts!

The surgeon will probably get in there for a look and schedule a knee replacement.


Whinge over!

I want it to rain as well!

Yesterday we picked up my grandson and went out for a trip to a huge market at Akoonah Park, Berwick yesterday. It has around 250 stalls of all kinds of goods ~ plants, secondhand bric-a-brac, clothes, tools, toys, and much more. I bought a terrific t-shirt there maybe a year ago, and it has been
the best, so hoped he might still be there so I could buy more. He was!

I had my old one on and told him how much I liked it, and he was delighted. It's not hard to make people feel good, if only for a minute or two.

Loaded up with t-shirts, a few plants and a tiny derringer style laser gun for Blake so he could shoot red spots up the walls for the cat to chase, we had a coffee and raisin toast in a nearby cafe.

A crystals and gemstone shop in the arcade opened up a whole new world for us, and we peered at meteorites from Russia, China and the Australian outback. There were tall columns of mauve crystals for $6000+, and marvelous magnetic 'whatsits' that crackled furiously as you tossed and caught them. The owner was very generous with her time and took us around describing different items of interest. I might sneak back and get two 'whatsits' for Blake's birthday next Monday.

We dropped Blake off and had a cuppa with the family, then made a delivery of two antique walking sticks to a friend nearby for her collection. She had bought them via auction from Ballarat some months back and they finally made their way to her.

Another cup of beautiful coffee each and then home for an icy can of beer on the veranda. There were storm clouds all around; the wind picked up and lightning crackled on the horizon. It was steamy hot, and we sat there willing the rain to come. I had checked the weather radar, which told us there was rain just over the hill.

We had our driest January in eight years, and February is not much better. Our area usually has a high rainfall, but not for the last year or two. Our tanks are low again, and the garden is parched. If wanting could make it happen, I couldn't want any harder.

But no, it stopped there, and the sky cleared. More storms predicted today, and I'm hovering over the radar again, but I'm giving in and going to water the veggies.

Maybe no rain today after all.........

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain"
... unknown

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Bwca said...

Aaww that is very sweet.
Dysthy is a bit of a dill but she means well.

Rain (I think) contains nitrogen and that is what enervates those of us who get out in it.

Unfortunately the Bone Barometer of injured people does tend to go off a bit when rain is coming.