Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ebay or Bust!

Pen and wash on watercolour paper
Framed ~ $295

I love eBay, and use it for most of my gadget purchases. It's fun to get in there, find the right item, research it's regular retail price elsewhere, then get back in and make a killing.

I might not use it for many months, as I'm not one of those addicted buyers who blow huge amounts on stuff they don't need. Lately, it's been a bit problematic, but I am getting through all the glitches.

It was my daughter's birthday recently, so another daughter and I decided to buy her a food processor. My man and I have 6 children between us, and have agreed we would spend up to a certain amount for birthdays and Christmas, and my daughter and her fiance are on a house-buying budget.

So, we got into eBay, found a new processor that did all the things she might want, bought it and presented it last Sunday. There was much delight and cooings about making daiquiris, so we were quite pleased.

Tuesday night, I get a call from the birthday girl, saying no matter what they did to it, it just would not work! Damn..................

Today I have driven down to pick up the repacked item, ready for a post off. I have agreed to a replacement, because she still has those daiquiris to make, so let's hope there will be a satisfactory result at the end.

Next ~ I bought a snappy new camera via eBay, supposedly from the US. After paying for it, I got a delighted welcoming email from Hong Kong. Hong Kong! How did it get over there?

Over three weeks have passed and I was getting withdrawal symptoms from having no digital, so emailed on Monday asking politely 'where it might be on the delivery trail?

The next day, I received an equally polite email from Hong Kong, saying they would check the status of said camera's delivery. This morning I get a hugely apologetic notice saying it hadn't been posted; something about the destination hadn't been verified in Paypal (rubbish!). It was now on it's way.

I'm hangin' out for that one! (still love eBay!)

"Life is the Greatest bargain ~ we get it for nothing"
... Yiddish proverb

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