Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Beginning

This seems a wonderful way to document my regular artistic pursuits, and put in a small diary of our life in the beautiful Strzelecki Ranges, Victoria.

I am currently working on some large canvases for a coming solo show, and am now up to painting No. 3 (see ).

I have sold many small pastels and sketches on eBay in the past, mostly of Australian birds and nudes done from my life drawing group.

I stopped a while ago to work on bigger stuff, but do miss that immediate buzz of the regular sales, and enthusiastic feedback from my eBay customers.

I have been using oils only for the past year, and can't believe that I left it so long.

I have worked for years in pastel, and do enjoy them as well. My other med
iums are pen & wash, watercolour and pencil.