Sunday, February 17, 2008

Up and Running Again

It's been a real pain re-installing programs after my laptop crashed and needed re-formatting. It's a scary time and never goes back the way you're used to, ..... though sometimes that's a good thing.

I was investigating setting up a 'ghost drive' before it went down, so once I had put everything back together again, I went back to Google and learned as much as I could. My daughter's partner said he would set one up for me, but he's a busy man, and I love learning more.

I discovered that Norton makes a Ghost Drive program, so bought that last week and have used it. It's very simple, and also has a backup of your files option as well. It can do a one off so when your computer is pristine and working really well, you can store that away on another drive and then paste it across if your old one gets into strife. Voila! It's all up and running as before!


I am pleased to have been accepted by our local council into Art melbourne08
, which will make me get back into a semblance of work again. Because of my accident and pending surgery, I have slowed to a near halt my plans for an exhibition, but do have some OK paintings up and running.

Baw Baw Shire enters this huge show as a 'gallery', and chooses it's stable of artists for that year. I have around two very tall metres for display, so hopefully I will be able to put four large canvases and maybe fit in a few small complimentary watercolours. My Coal Creek Oils should be well suited for a more contemporary audience.

I actually got out into the studio for a painting session last Tuesday and wondered why I had left it so long!


"The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 08 will take place at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton from Friday 18 - Sunday 20 April 2008.

First Night, the exclusive Preview to the fair will take place on Thursday 17th April.

Bringing together Melbourne's vibrant art scene, The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne offers collectors and newcomers to the art market the opportunity to view and choose from an enormous variety of art styles, mediums and content.

Featuring over 100 leading Australian galleries presenting new artwork from 800 established and emerging artists, the fair will include paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, indigenous works, art objects and works on paper including limited edition prints, from the affordable to the collectable."

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."
... Glade Byron Addams


LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Sorry to hear about your crash. I have been there!

Love the quote at the end of this post.

dysthymiac said...

never mind the quote ... love that painting.

Blissy, you're a star.

BlissHill said...

Thanks dear, you're very kind.......