Monday, February 4, 2008

Lost in Cyberspace

Painting for today
'Boot Scootin' Babies' ~ around 1993. Acrylic on board.
Not For Sale

I still have this one 'cos I love it .......


My friends and family enjoy my blog, and so do some others who wander in and out. I enjoy it because it is a simple diary of my day to day life and will be great to read back later when those events and photos have drifted into the mists of time.

I try hard not to grumble or bitch, say things about people I know who might be hurt, and not expose my 'soft underbelly' (got one of those!).

A while back I talked about a neighbour I nearly ran over on the road. He is notoriously casual about his safety, and just a bit of a 'thickie'. He often walks an Old English Sheepdog, and on that day, was wandering in the middle of the road on a blind corner.

A OES forum moderator must have googled OES and my blog came up. He, trying to be funny, put in a snippet about what I had said on the forum, with a link through to my blog.

My stat counter told me 71 people came in on one day from that forum. One was very nasty and talked about going to the next OES meeting in our state to try and find out who my dumbo neighbour was and dump on me.

Needless to say, I took that small, supposed-to-be funny snippet out. The moderator got into my 'comments' and we had a few backwards and forwards. Initially, he tried to lecture me on how fast to drive on the road (all the way from the US!), but once I clarified the danger dill-pot put himself, the dog, and I in, we parted company as friends.

The power of the Web!

I have written about my motorcycle accident as a record for possible compensation when my injuries have stabilised.

Sometimes when I am chatting on the phone to a friend, she might say, "I read about that on your blog!", which is pretty amusing, as they are often more up to date with my life than I am with theirs.

I am nervous about the power of Blogger to retain this valuable record of my life, and have decided to copy the whole thing out and save it as a word document, with photos intact. I have it on my hard drive, and on my external storage drive. I might even print it out one day and put it in a folder, which would be the ultimate. My laser printer badly needs a service and fresh ink, and once that's done, I'll do it.

The only complication is that it will need to be read from the back page forwards!

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. "
... From the television show 'The Wonder Years'


Bwca said...

ever since I had a bad experience not unlike yours, I make sure NeverToSpellNames correctly.
Run 'em together, do anything to thwart coming up in some dumbcluck's trawling.
I actually don't like to have readers who pass through, so I rarely stray from my tight little group of melbourne* bloggers, most of whom are 'virtual friends' and who correspond off-blog.

(*my Links are nearly all melbourne people)

and you said
"all the way from America" so it sounds like the interweb has it's own UglyAmericanTourist
(oops, I went back and ran that together too)

peace and love

BlissHill said...

How do you know or stop those who pass through? I have been one who has found you from comments or links on the side.

My stat counter tells me what search gets them there, and they can be pretty diverse, like 'plaster cast' or 'cavoodle puppies'. We're all fair game, but I do enjoy it, and like hearing from friendly fellow bloggers like yourself.

I figure if I stay pretty neutral, I can't get tripped up too much, but thanks for the hints.