Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Never Boring.................

"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."

.... Elizabeth Stone

It's been a full on week, with lots of good happenings. My new baby grandson Asher and his mum came up to stay for a night, so I got a great baby fix. He is six months old now, and the most loved little boy. He's nearly sitting now and got up on his knees for his first rock backwards and forwards.

My busted wrist has stopped me from grooming my scruffy poodles, so we wheeled the hydrobath out and washed the kids, and let them dry in the sun. They all look and feel much nicer now. I asked the TAC (Transport Accident Commission)to include a clip and bath in my necessary services, but the first two said yes, and the last said no!

I can get gardening, house cleaning and taxi, but they refuse to include my dog maintenance. A bit mean. After 35 years as a dog groomer (now retired), doing the dogs is a normal house hold duty for me.

I took a trip to the doctor yesterday for a medical certificate for the above, and a referral to my surgeon to look at my knee. Now the pain of the wrist has receded a little, it looks like my knee has been injured as well. Never ending repercussions from a driver not paying attention. I often wonder out loud what he might be doing then, rather than nursing a broken body at home for me!

Coming home from town last night, we drove up our steep driveway with sinking hearts. There were hundreds of cattle footprints all the way up into the house yard. We had had some unwelcome visitors. I raced around the garden expecting to see absolute devastation, but apart from a broken agapanthus, and two big piles of slimey cow poo, we escaped damage. The poodles thought the delicious poop was put there especially for their taste test, so I had to mix it up with mulch and gravel to make it less palatable. The old dog was seen coming into the house with a green chin! Yuuuuuk!

Just on dark, the offending farmer came up very distressed, thinking I would tear his throat out. Apparently he had closed our gate to move cattle past, and we came through later and left it open. The whole herd came up. We reassured him that no damage was done, and he was very relieved.

The weather has been very wet and cold after a few sunny days. All the little lambies need their tails and undercarriage done (for the boys), and shots for the numerous diseases I didn't know they got. The local shearer is coming tomorrow night to assist and crutch all the mums. After lambing, they are a bit grotty and I worry about them getting flyblown when the blowflies come out again in the heat. So much involved in this sheep stuff, but good fun.

My replacement card reader arrived from the US in 8 days! Record time! Who wouldn't use eBay? It cost less than AU $10, including postage. More photos coming!

Finally, making some chocolate cup cakes to take us through the weekend, I looked out the window and saw a tiny baby bunny nibbling the grass out on the lawn. Needless to say the poodles were inside. I have a love/ hate relationship with rabbits, and wish the babies weren't so cute. The parents eat my rose buds and hebe shoots and dig deep warrens into my garden banks, which really gives me the pip. So I am trying to reduce their numbers on one side and admiring their sweet little babies on the other.

He can't reach my rose shoots yet!

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