Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Feel Better Now!

I feel annoyed with myself for posting a gloomy piece yesterday, and do apologise. When I began this I promised myself I would not use it as a forum for personal venting. We all have our days, and I certainly have recently, but who wants to read a self indulgent whinge?

Anyway......... yesterday, I did have a dark moment when I was painting out in my studio. My hand began to ache hugely, so I took off the caste and it had blown up like a balloon ...... all hot and prickly.

I panicked a bit and rang the surgeon's rooms, and they said to come on up for him to have a look. My poor man was traveling home from a work over-nighter and had to turn the car around and retrace part of his trip.

The surgeon had a look (the swelling had subsided somewhat by then, don't you hate that?), and wriggled a lot of complaining joints around. Some moved and some didn't, but he pronounced it fine, and left the plaster off. So, now I am off to physio next week to get my hand back.

It had blown up big time again by the time I got home, and woke me in the night to put the cast back on for support, but this morning I had a lovely two armed shower and rubbed all the layers of left over skin off. Wonderful! I read once that humans shed a bag full of skin each month. Makes you want to vacuum more, doesn't it?

I got on the WWW to research post broken bones care, and found a fabulous piece of info called '
New fracture treatment allows early function and better recovery'

It talked about fixing suitable fractures surgically with metal supports so the bone pieces don't rub together. This facilitates early movement with little pain, the break mends more quickly and strongly, and all associated joints and muscles don't deteriorate as they do by immobilising with plaster. This damage can be permanent, causing cartilage, bone and muscle breakdown.

My break was a complex one and needed immobilising, but I am taking the rest on board, and am making myself use all the joints a little. My wrist and thumb don't want to do much, but I will ask them anyway, and I am not as afraid of damaging myself. I even asked my hand to have a go at hanging out the washing. Onwards and upwards again!

We really enjoyed watching our lambies spronging around in the dusk last night. Even their mums were butting at each other and skipping around like woolly idiots. Calves do the same thing. It seems the fading light turns on their fun buttons. I will take the camera out tonight and try to get a shot.

One little girl is a bit hoppy on her front leg, but she's weight bearing so should be OK. She probably hit a rough spot in the dusk and sprained her knee a little.

"There are no gains without pains."
.... Benjamin Franklin

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