Monday, October 29, 2007

I Love Gazanias!

Living so high up in the hills means I must find plants that will survive all the extremes our climate can throw at them. Gazanias are ground hugging plants that provide cover and colour to my garden, and I love them. They propagate easily from cuttings, are drought tolerant, and have such a dense habit they choke out most weeds.

It's a little hobby of mine to collect as many different varieties as I can.

Most of them are flowering now, so here are some..............

Beautiful shades of pinks that start dark and lighten as they open. Great green foliage.

This one just appeared next to the house. Zara the poodle likes to chew her bones on top of the patch, so there is usually a flattened area.

This pink is one of the more common gazanias.

Beautiful deep burgundy

A rich orange and shiny green foliage. Lovely with purples!

Slightly less dramatic, but good with the silvery leaves

This scrumptious little cream one, sneaked in via some mulch from the tip. I love it because it goes beautifully with everything.

A newer version of the pink above. It's a richer colour which shades to orange. Very 'sunsetty'!

My newest one's first flowers. Large white flower with pink center.

This one hitched a ride from the tip as well. I have them in a long run outside the front gate, and the sheep have nibbled them down. These are the only two flowers I could find.

I do have a few more which are young and haven't flowered yet.

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