Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flood Painting is Finished & Another Lamb

Well, my flood painting is finally done and ready to send off next week. After my motorcycle accident and numerous other distractions at home, my deadline was approaching fast.

I am very happy with it. It is difficult to photograph it with the reflections of wet paint on the canvas, but I've Photoshopped it a bit and it's not too bad, though the right hand side is a bit lighter.

I quite like the weight of the glowering sky. I had some trouble with getting more perspective at the front, but have carved a light path (headlights) up to the gate opening. I have done some heavy crosshatching at the top and lots of light vertical lines on the water below to give the impression of the rain falling. It actually works!

It goes into the exhibition at the Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, from 3rd Nov to 18th, to coincide with the Water Water Festival. Then it tours to the Maffra Exhibition Space from 15th Dec to 20th Jan 2008.

Another lamb born this morning with no problems. 'Weeksie' has been our most problematic lady we have.

She was always the one to run in the opposite direction when we were herding them, confusing the others and taking them with her. We really disliked her off and on, though she has settled somewhat now.

We called her Weeksie because of her funny little horns. My man's twisted humour chose it because a friend of his (Weeksie) is renowned in the romance department, thus transferring that through his convoluted thought processes to our ewe being a 'horny little devil'. Go figure.............

But it has stuck.

Apart from that, she gets a bit wool blind and peers myopically at you over her tufts of wool in front of her eyes.

She is also a real shorty. The new baby has already to get on his knees to get a drink. Imagine how difficult that will be when he gets bigger.

But she has lambed easily, so I am grateful, and we will love her a little more for a while.

Yesterday's babe is doing well, after a night with Mum under the carport. It's amazing how quickly they get going and start to fill out.

"It's only a matter of inches, but skipping gets me just that much closer to heaven. "
.... Jessi Lane Adams

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