Sunday, March 2, 2008

So Much to Do and So Little Time

Finally! I have approval from the TAC to have my knee exploratory arthroscope at the same time as the plate comes out of my wrist. I had my MRI last November, then Christmas, my surgeon's leave, letters to go to and fro between him and TAC, and finally a appointment for my case worker and their muscular-skeletal man this morning..... has led to an OK for me.

I might mention also, that my injury is 6 months old on the 9th of March.

I am really looking forward to putting it all behind me, and just getting together again, so when they offered me Thursday, I only hesitated for a second before agreeing.

I am also pleased that when it comes time to be assessed for compensation, my knee has also been accepted as part of the accident.

Now I must get myself together and do as many jobs in the next few days, that I can't do for a time afterwards, like bathing and clipping the poodles. Afterwards, I'm just going to stagger out to my studio and paint.............


Leap year came and went with a joyous occasion, when a daughter decided to propose to her long time beau, and he accepted!

I heard on TV that morning where in olden days, the women would wear a red petticoat which showed their intentions. That way, if a man didn't want to accept, he would spot the flash of red as she came towards him and he could scarper off to the hills!

Fortunately, she doesn't wear petticoats, and he was pleased to be involved. There are rumblings about going somewhere unusual and a no-nonsense ceremony, so we're looking forward to discovering 'the plan'.

We wish them much love and happiness.


My grandson and I had some fun over the weekend with the wire and snippers we bought him for his birthday. Armed with those, and the delightful blog Bent Objects, we raided the garden and built a beautiful Hawaiian lady, complete with cherry tomato bosoms and cucumber leaf umbrella.

We carted her home to his delighted mum and she will becoming the 'Incredible Shrinking Hawaiian Lady' on the kitchen window sill along with his other creations.

Great fun.

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