Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love the Smell of Oil Paint

Work in progress........

Most of yesterday was spent out in the studio painting the edges of my gallery wrapped canvases in readiness for Art Melbourne 08 Exhibition in mid April.

I am paying for my laziness just painting to the edges and not the rest. For a time, I did think I would frame them, but decided I liked them better 'au naturelle'.

All colours have to be perfectly matched; no mean feat for the six large paintings.
But now they are done, I am really pleased I have, because they look great, giving them an extra dimension and finish. I just have to sign them and then wait for them to dry enough to put a sealing finish on.

Baw Baw Shire have entered this great event as a gallery, and invited artists to apply. I was accepted, which is very pleasing.

Yesterday I booked my man and I into a motel for the opening night, so we can really enjoy ourselves. We rarely go to Melbourne now; we can't bear the traffic and the crowds, but I do miss wandering round the Gallery and having lunch at Southbank. My accident injuries also impede our freely walking around, so that's probably a stronger reason than the other.