Monday, March 24, 2008

Just Photos

My man's beautiful black exhaust pipes we painted with heat treated ceramic paint. Look Good? We think so.

Late in the afternoon, when the light wanders in and out of cloud, just one hill lit up like a beacon.

I love clouds, especially when a hole opens up to reveal the sky beyond (click on to see larger photo).
Almost a religious feeling ................


zooms said...

Very sexy pipes.
The middle photo is delightful, and I know just what you mean when the sky is revealed in that way.
Our clouds are playing with us, any rain with you yet?

BlissHill said...

Ah yes!

It rained over the last three days. Our tanks are full and the grass is finally greening up. Such a relief.

I hope you get some soon.

Colin Campbell said...

I love the photograph of the field. It looks very Scottish where you would get a bright shaft of sunlight through a very gloomy sky making it look more dramatic.