Thursday, March 27, 2008


~ Chromed ~
Pastel on board
Beautifully framed in brushed silver moulding and white mount board.
Available for purchase @$600 + p.h.

I've got the gloomies today. Although all my surgeries have healed OK, I can feel my knee breaking down almost hour by hour, and the bones are crunching against each other in my wrist. It seems I have no cartilage left in either place ........................

my beautiful laptop, that I have really enjoyed for just over a year (out of warranty) has been rejected by my local computer fixer. I paid AU$4000 for the sucker. It may need a new motherboard and a visit to Toshiba.

Ho hum!


Andrew said...

You are having a hard time of it. I like the chrome pipes, not so keen on the black.

zooms said...

Ah, and here was me beginning to think that you were a saint, having read, your amazing posts on consultants and injuries, operations and life, as though you were describing some minor event.
I think it is o.k. to be gloomy sometimes, and remember it is still early days, .x
Wonderful pastel, I know just who I would buy it for if we had any money.
Bugger about the laptop and
don't mind Andrew, he clearly doesn't have a clue about pipes.

BlissHill said...

Zooms.... I apologise for my small stumble off the path to sainthood. I don't think I'll quite get there, but I'm giving it my best shot.

Thanks for your lovely words.

Andrew, I must confess, I am a great lover of chrome on Harleys, but my man is a bit 'alternative'. 'Chrome won't get you home', he was told by a friend and big time Harley racer.

Now he's eyeing off his front forks, with a view to turning them black.

As long as he's happy, that's all that matters.