Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot, hot, hot...........

Another stinker of a day today @ 39 degrees c.

The day was spent inside, windows shut and the air con on. Finally it's beginning to cool down, so the windows are now opened, the noisy blower is off and the dogs are lying on the veranda outside with their bellies full.

My man was called off to fire duty today in readiness for a possible call out for fire fighting. He has been doing it for many years now for the DSE, and loves the camaraderie and adventure that fighting a large fire brings, plus, it gets him out of the office!

He has been to most of the major fires in Victoria in recent years. Thankfully, this year has been a quiet one, but in past seasons there have been some massive infernos. Last year burned up one million hectares and took 69 days to get under control, and the year before was pretty serious as well. He has some frightening moments each season, but thankfully his experience and the department safety strategies has got him out of trouble each time.


I have had my first shower today as the strapping has come off my knee and the wrist went into a plastic bag. It felt so good, even though I had bucket washes down pat. It's just not the same.

The knee looks good with only two small incisions and a bit of bruising. I remember maybe eight years ago, I had the same done and had to stay on crutches for six weeks. Now I am able to walk almost normally, so long as it's not too far, and I go slow.

I was setting up iTunes for my man's new iPod Shuffle, and my laptop spat the dummy. I pulled out the factory reformatting disc and ran it through, thanking heaven that I had used Norton Ghost to build a ghost drive only a week or two before. Apart from iTunes and a few bits and pieces, my whole drive is tucked safely away on my external drive, along with my files, programs and settings.

Reformatting didn't fix the problem, as there was still the original blank cream coloured screens with vertical lines popping up and freezing the unit. "Ha, what next?", I thought, and decided it might be further back into the programming. I put the disc in again to scrub the entire hard drive. I had never done this before.......

I began this at around 6pm, and
as the hours ticked over endlessly, I realised it was going to take forever . I was worried that I might be asleep and be needed to click an OK or something, so took it to bed and left it running next to me on the table. Awake and asleep over and over, I snapped awake when it prompted me to do something, and it began again, not stopping until 2pm the next afternoon.

But that didn't fix it! I wrote off to my computer forum, hoping for assistance, but apart from a couple of limp suggestions, the lines remained and it began 'looping', starting up, showing screen error signs, and then winding down, flashing a tantalising blue screen filled with writing. One second is not long enough to see anything.

Desperate lateral thinking kicked in, so I got the camera out, focusing on the screen, and snapping it as it rushed by. I put the jpeg into Photoshop and brightened it up, then imported it into my OCR program. A bit rough, but I got a semblance of text and cleaned it up, checking it against the screen shot.

It's a long story, isn't it?

Back into the forum and put it all in, but no answers, so I got on the Toshiba website looking for the suggested drivers and following the muddy trail left by this text. I think I know what to do, just don't know how! (that looks like 'howl, doesn't it? Yup!)

I think iTunes clashed with the moving around of some movies that wandered into the files from my Media Centre TV recordings. There is text in Toshiba to back up that possibility.

I am a bit concerned about stomping around my lovely Qosmio with hob nailed boots and really messing it up, so am calling in emergency help with my daughter's partner, who is a apparently an IT whizz. It will be interesting to follow the process and see if I was right. I love learning all this. Its such a logical process, usually ........

Anyway, I got my lovely nine year old banger of a pooter out and dusted it off, doing a defrag, installing anti-virus, and plonking in Firefox and a few upgrades. It still works, though somewhat slower than my lovely lappy!

I am so used to a huge screen with high resolution, I had to raise the the pixel count so I didn't feel I was inside the bloody thing. Everything was so big!

Oh dear! I must be patient......................


Andrew said...

Sometimes you just have to give up and hand over to the professionals. I lament the loss of hours of my life trying to solve computer issues.

BlissHill said...

Oh yes Andrew. There is a certain satisfaction in solving problems nevertheless. When I began, I used to create havoc trying to fix things, now I am a lot further on. I remember paying a 'professional' heaps over some months trying to get something fixed, when a simple re-installation of Windows would have sufficed.

To think I used to get a sore rear riding the Harley for too long, now it's 'computer bum' instead.....

zooms said...

Congrats on the shower, glad to hear all went well.
If I took my computer to bed I'm not sure what T's reaction would be.

BlissHill said...

Re: Computer to bed.... no, I was sleeping on my own, so I didn't get kicked in the leg, or knocked on the hand. Too many sore bits.