Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pink Pigs and Brown Noses

The bloody bunnies have eaten all the tips off my roses, and I'm soooo disappointed. I thought it was the woolly jumbuks when they wandered unasked through the top garden, but no, they're also nibbled down below in the studio garden. After having a good sook about them, I got all the dog poo I could find, mixed it up in the pooper scooper with some hot water....... so it made a lovely smelly porridge (are you gagging yet?), then poured the whole horrid lot around the base of the roses. Let them eat THAT! At least they'll get muddy paws and 'brown noses'!

Also today, I photographed the Pink Pig letterbox, which was next door to the lovely cow boxes shown on the last post..

We went to the local Rokeby market on the most perfect of days, where my friend Glynnis had her first market there for the season. Glynnis makes the most glorious goat milk soaps which we are totally addicted to, and use all the time. (see her web site: ). She was flat out selling soap to all her faithful customers, so we wished her happy birthday and continued cruising the stalls.

We also saw an artist friend Laurie Collins, who makes the quirkiest metal animals out of scraps, and sells them all over the place. He was full of wonderful tales about a recent trip to the Chinese sister city of our Warragul. He and five other artists carted their work over for an exhibition; though his never got out of customs, which was a disappointment. But he really enjoyed the interchange, and said the Chinese were planning a reciprocal visit next year.

He sported a stylish new Chinese style waistcoat, which was made especially for his very tall body.

We have two of his funny animals at home, which we enjoy enormously.

One of Laurie's creations for sale at the market

"Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one's bottom."

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