Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coming Back Together Again

The 'Crazy Teenager' on a drier day.

The day began early with a miserable ache in the broken bits and drizzly rain outside. It was only just light when I let the 'crazy teenager' Zara and Lily out for their morning walk. Lil came back in almost straight away, but Zara disappeared.

Next Door Neighbours

The cattle were in the adjoining paddock next door, and she had been keen to get to know them the night before, so I knew that's where she would be. I stumbled up behind the hedge and she was 'spronging' up and down the fence, with them all standing in a dopey line looking at her. I was getting wet, and a bit desperate when she finished her socialising and took off towards the house. Relieved, I trailed off down the bank after her, and slipped on the mud and wet grass .... down on my bum, crash onto my fragile elbow, and, thankfully, broken wrist in the air.

I cried out with utter dismay, wondering whether I had re-broken something, but all seemed well. With wet muddy bottom on my clean pyjamas, and nerves jangling, I stumbled back to the house, making small sniffly, miserable, sorry-for-myself sort of noises.

My man slept on, oblivious of my distress, so I got myself a morning cuppa, and made an effort to calm down.

The crazy teenager? She spent the rest of her morning either on the chain, or in the doggie run with her bone.

The rest of the day was spent going up to have an x-ray, and to see the surgeon. He unwrapped it and viewed the nicely healed incision with extreme pride, saying it was knitting together nicely. All was cleaned up and wrapped again in the old plaster, not to be opened for another 4 weeks. On the trip back home, I muttered about how the shape of it had changed and was rubbing everywhere, but now, after a few hours, it has settled back into place again.

Tomorrow will be a photographic afternoon, with the Harley repairer needing high quality photos to send to the assessor, so I'll post some broken Harley pics tomorrow night. We can all mourn together....................

"I can't complain, but sometimes I still do."
... Joe Walsh

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