Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Wild Child

This is today's drawing of our crazy teenager, Zara's collar. Her breeder likens her to a 'wild child', which sounds wonderfully romantic, but to me she's my 'little nutter'.

She is the dearest, funniest, most affectionate creature I have ever had. She's the first on my lap when I sit down for the evening, even though bits of her hang off everywhere now she's so big. She is full of love and kisses for everyone. She worships the 'Princess' Lily, after copping many beatings when she was a pup. Together they run like the wind around the house yard, going neck and neck like racehorses, stopping to tumble at each other on the lawn like puppies.

When we return home after an outing, the front gates get closed, then I let them out; Connor and Lil from the first run, then Zara from the one behind. Lil, in her joy to be out, always waits for Zara to be released, then chases her mercilessly around the yard, grabbing at her legs and bowling her over. Zara has learned to tiptoe out near me, peering round the corners, expecting to be steam rollered at any minute. If I can, I hold her collar, and lead her out safely, holding on until Lil's ruthless exuberance subsides and peace returns.

Zara is now 18 months old, and we share her with her breeder, Katherine Whitely from Aglaia Poodles at Cannons Creek. I met Kathy 11 years ago when she gave me Connor, my first standard, when she retired him from show at two and a half as an Australian Champion.

Zara's father is the highly decorated Viola Canadian Club.
'Richmond' now has 108 Best Exhibits in Show, and the highest collection of wins for an Australian Bred Show Dog.

Her mother is the beautiful Australian Champion Aglaia World's a Stage

Her brother Aglaia Leaps and Bounds (Gilchrist) has recently become Australian Champion, and is growing into a beautiful dog. I decided not to show Zara because our lifestyle doesn't support keeping a standard poodle in show condition, especially a lively gal like our Zara. She'd be mooning behind the bars of her run, while the other two ran free.

When she is three year's old, we will put her in pup, which we are really looking forward to.

All that aside, she is a glorious ray of sunshine, guaranteed to brighten even the darkest day.

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
~Ben Williams

**** As a postscript to this, I have just had a phone call tonight to tell me Gilchrist has gained Reserve Challenge at the Royal Melbourne Show 2007, next to his father, Richmond. Huge excitement!

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