Sunday, September 23, 2007

Harley Damage

Well, I have processed the photos of my damaged motorbike and sent them off to the assessor. It's amazing how the thousands of dollars can mount up by scratch and dent, especially on a Harley. As my mechanic/repairer says, 'All these marks weren't there when you got on it that morning, and they have to restore your bike to that condition."

True enough.

Apart from numerous abrasions from the asphalt, the front forks have a gentle bend in them, and both of the triple clamps that fix the front end to the bike are both broken. The front tyre is popped and the wheel is bent .... my beautiful bike! Not to mention my wrist.

It's 15 days today, and I have just stopped the pain killers today quite successfully, so it's knitting quite nicely. But the frustration level is high, as there are so many projects I had on the go. Now it's all stopped.................

Tomorrow I am going to photograph my new baby lamb and do a pen and wash of him.

"Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. "
... Author Unknown

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