Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

I'm a big advocate of people doing this, and if I do something for people and they want to give me something back, I say, 'pass it on'.

I had three complimentary tickets left on the last day of Art Melbourne, valued at $20 each. I looked at them and wondered whether to throw them out or be creative.

As I was going to the front entrance, I looked around for friendly people and spotted a woman going in on her own. I called her over and asked whether she was paying to go in and she said yes. I handed her a ticket, and she nearly hugged me ..... so excited.

I found a young couple and did the same, with the same result.

I got more of a charge out of doing that than anything else over the four days.

Try it; it's a really excellent feeling.


Andrew said...

Good karma Bliss. Noted in the book Random Acts of Kindness.

BlissHill said...

Ah yes Andrew. I like the 'pass it on' theory as well..............