Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Packed up and Ready to Go

Watercolour and pencil

Well, all my paintings are finished off, packed up and delivered to Ingrid at Gippsland Artists who is the organiser for our stand at Art Melbourne 08. It's like giving away your babies and throwing them onto the world stage. I miss them already.

I haven't been a passionate shower of my work for some time now, as there has been a lot of getting over some dastardly life events to be attended to. I never stopped loving doing my paintings; but left most of them in my studio for a viewing 'some day'. Every now and again someone would take one away and leave me some room.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? It is.....

It is time I got my arse in gear, as I am not getting any younger, so maybe good things will come out of venturing down to the big smoke.

The pretentious side of the 'art scene' bores me terribly, which involves dodging popping champagne corks, and trying to say something important about the works on show. I just really love what I do; I don't want to talk about it.

Ho hum! Somebody's gotta do it....


Bwca said...

Whenever I see beautiful creations I always wonder how the Creator could bear to part with them.
I suppose the arty-farty cheese and wine thing is just the way the social worker finds A Good Home for your painted babies.
Now I'm going away to find out what Art Melb 08 is ... Good Luck!

BlissHill said...

Thanks for that bwca.

Yes, I do get attached and love to sell them to someone I see occasionally so they can tell me how much they love them.

Others just go off into the ether, and I only have a photo to remind me.