Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Photos Again...........

Too tired to blog, so pieces from my life.

Sunset tonight. My new 8 mp camera and a 12 X zoom means I can get right in there.

I love the way the light tracks through the hills.

'Extreme Ball Sports for Babies' (my daughter's title - her bub).
Asher couldn't believe how big it was, with all those pointy little tips.

Tonight's Coq Au Vin, made with field mushrooms picked nearby, our tomatoes, zucchinis and carrots.
My man's not big on chicken, but he's away tonight.

Yum!!! I'm still cruisin' after that one.............

Hi Andrew. Yes, rice would be nice, or little potatoes in their jackets (ours again!), which is what I had.

Brown the chicken, throw in the onion, garlic and veggies and brown those, top up with chopped tomatoes, stock, red wine, thyme, mushies, S & P, simmer happily (half an hour?) until all is tender.

Side salad if desired.....

Very good. I'm sure there's a flashier recipe, but that one really works for me. :0)


Andrew said...

I had forgotten about the light on the hills. Nice childhood memory for me.

The lad looks concerned about the spikes.

I have never had coq au vin. Do you have with something? Rice?

BlissHill said...

Andrew, I have put the recipe on the post.

Andrew said...

Ta :)