Friday, April 18, 2008

Photos From Melbourne

The spectacular Royal Exhibition Building

A quiet moment in the corridors of Art Melbourne

Our hard working curator and an artist celebrating with a champagne before opening.

A full sized model plane suspended in the foyer of the Museum, next to the Exhibition Buildings

A model of a giant Great White Shark suspended in the stairwell. There was a stuffed seal 'swimming' nearby. The shark must have been about six metres long, and it's suspension gave the feel of being in the water. Truly terrifying.

Dinosaur skeleton also in the foyer.

Lock your bike onto the rack? Seems safe, doesn't it?

A very independent young fellow strolling confidently ahead of his mother. We thought he looked great.

The view from our hotel in Spencer Street


zooms said...

Your paintings look great, doubt you will have to return today, thanks for the virtual tour, I so miss galleries.

Andrew said...

Good view from your room Bliss. Hope the effort was all worth while.

BlissHill said...

Thanks Zooms and Andrew, sadly most galleries were left tired, dejected and in the red with few sales all round. Interest rates rises, threatened recessions looming, stock market woes and all round nerves caused sales to be way down. People just aren't investing in art.

Art Melbourne will probably be paying people to take a stand next year.

I got into a good gallery and sold one, but it was a lot of money outlayed, hard work..... and traveling.

I suggested we have a local Post Art Melbourne show with all our group, which should stir up some interest. Big fish in a smaller pond sounds good to me.

My original plan was to have a solo, which always works for me, so will get back to that plan.

Onwards and upwards and out to the studio!