Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't Buy a Toshiba Laptop.

..... because they don't care.

My 15 month old laptop is still in dire straits, even after two whizz-gig IT fellas have pored over it banging on buttons. The video card seems to have crashed, giving gorgeous vertical stripes in fetching colours at the most inopportune moments (most of the time), or the 'blue screen of death', which flashes so quickly, the only way I could read it was to photograph it, or the dreaded BLACK SCREEN.

New video card, you might say? But no, that's too easy. The video card is embedded into the motherboard, so one doesn't go without the other. The motherboard is hugely expensive, as was the laptop. $4000 to be precise.

I rang the Toshiba support people today, who should probably be called 'the Toshiba Non-Support'. He was obviously carefully schooled to stick rigidly to the point of law, and tell me that although it was a very young laptop, I was out of the warranty period by 3 months. I told him it had been broken for quite a bit of this year and I could prove it. Too bad..................

He also said what I found fascinating, that 'electronics these days are not made to last very long.'

I wish they had told me that before we forked out the four grand.

I belong to a very active Computer Forum, who have kindly provided me with answers to IT questions for quite a while now, and they have offered me some ideas on how to squeeze some help out of these heartless beings.

My man says fix it, but he is emotionally attached to it because it was my Nov 2006 birthday present. My IT son-in-law-to-be says ditch it; he can set me up a 'kick-arse pc' for the $1200.

Me? I just want my lovely laptop back the way it was, the way they promised it would be when we bought it.


Andrew said...

Two years old. Ditch the bitch and bite the bullet. I have no experience of lap tops. Ah, you didn't ask that. Only desk tops live to be old.

BlissHill said...

Sadly, it's one year old Andrew. Far too young to die.

Colin Campbell said...

We just forked out 2k for a Dell laptop, which was a lot for us. So far so good.

Your situation would be very exasperating.

zooms said...

Try writing to the managing director of Toshiba, before giving up, and definately use the last phrase, in this post, in the letter, that would bring a tear to anyone's eye...... and hopefully a new laptop to you.

BlissHill said...

Thanks Zooms, that's a good idea and will use it. I am planning to do the big letter write next week when I'm feeling tough.

Ann O'Dyne said...

so what's the update on this aggravation?

that crack about "not made to last" is the pits.

new laptops have Vista which is awful. do NOT go near Vista.
Guugle the forums for the reasons.

BlissHill said...

Oh Ann, it is still ongoing. I sent it to Toshiba Australia, who decided they couldn't fix it because it was an American model. I went back to the seller and berated him, and he agreed to try and get it fixed. It went to him in August and I am still waiting. Every email I send needs sending three times, but he is polite and helpful when he does respond. He is due for another today, so we will see. I have totally detached emotionally from the process now, but will push on until the end (maybe this is the end!!!!).

Patience and good manners might result in a win. Who knows..........

Ann ODyne said...

OK ... so I didn't buy a Toshie, I bought a DELL and guess what?

15 months later Fatalis fuktatis.
Cannot be repaired.
"they only last about that long"
was the answer I got.
it's like banks - they all crap, we just go round them like Musical Despairs.