Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wombat Stew

Some local women formed a community group in our area 18 months ago, and some firm friendships were forged amongst them. I was in at the beginning, but left when the inevitable happened and one woman in particular took control. I had firmly stated at the very beginning that I would leave if that happened and leave I did. I stomped off into the sunset, and took time out for a year.

It was a bit of a relief because it had taken up much more time than I really wanted to put in.
Although I kept in touch with most of them elsewhere, I haven't participated in the group since.

That naughty 'controlling' person bravely came to my home before Christmas, full of apologies and asking me to return. Probably my accident and a reluctance to get sucked back into the vortex again held me back, but finally I relented yesterday and went to their craft day.

Around ten of us sat outside under the shade of a large tree, having salad rolls and coffee, chatting and catching up.

Susan is a wild life carer and presently has two six month old wombat babies. These roly poly little creatures were passed around for cuddles in their knitted woolen sacks. At that age, they are smooth, shiny coated and plump. The little girl was very outgoing, and the boy was shy and retiring.
If you patted her on the behind, she would bounce around like a ball against your hands, chewing your shoes and nibbling your ankles.

These babies become orphaned usually by a road accident, when the dead mother's pouch is checked and there is a tiny baby inside. They are milk fed and kept safe until they grow to the size of a small dog, then slowly adjusted to life in the wild.

Such cute babies!

"Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself. "
... Harriet Nelson


Fern said...

ooOOOoo those feet!!!

BlissHill said...

Aren't they yummy? All set up for digging.