Saturday, January 26, 2008

Requiem for a Grand Old Camera

After around eight years of service and seventeen thousand photos, my dear old Nikon Coolpix has finally died.

It took a heavy drop off a motorbike maybe seven years ago, which necessitated a AU$600 dollar repair, but afterwards kicked back into work with nary a backward glance.

I paid a lot for it then, around AU $1200, but it has earned its keep with so many years of beautiful clear photos.

The motor that sends the lens out began making grinding noises a few days back, so I was prepared. As I was taking photos of my little grandson last night, I ran out of hands to steady him, and hold the camera, and it took a short tumble. That just hurried the process on and it jammed and died.

The absolute perfection of a small child

I'm sure a replacement will cost far less, but it will be hard to change over after such a long time. Nikon still makes their Coolpix, but they can now come in 12.1mp, which is enormous compared to my then huge, but now not, 3.4mp. I do like the shape of the camera, which has a wonderful hand grip design.

I will investigate further and ask all my friends.

I love Clouds....

"Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?"
... Author Unknown

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Dysthymiac said...


cumulo nimbus (same but with rain)
cirrus .... the Bureau of Meteorology website has lots of good weather information and photos