Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Mon Petit Chou"

I have sown some Ornamental Kale Cabbage seeds a few weeks ago, and am waiting impatiently for the tiny seedlings to grow bigger.

I bought some in a punnet two years ago, and had so much pleasure out of those four plants, I want more!. I even left them over winter and on into the next summer to grow into spires. These grew upwards into Christmas tree shapes for just the right time of the year.

When they finally went to seed, flowering in lots of soft yellow spikes, I collected them, tucking them away into an envelope and forgetting them until a few weeks ago.

I used the same method I did for carrots (which worked a treat), and mixed up a cup of flour glue, then got a matchstick and dabbed each seed onto toilet paper cut into long narrow strips, and drying them. Then I planted them into a seed tray of sand and compost.

Now I can't wait for them to grow big enough to plant out!

Looking up on the Net, I discovered that they can also be cooked, so I might save a couple for the pot as well.

" Mon Petit Chou"... A french term of endearment , literally translated as 'My Little Cabbage'

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