Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sunset Lost

There was an amazing sunset this evening, with showers in the distance, and holes in the clouds that let great spotlights of orange light pour onto the land far below. My first instinct was to rush for the camera, and was heading inside to get it when I realised the old poodle had disappeared through the gate I had left open. Worse still, the crazy black teenager Zara had taken off after him. I could see them far down the road and heading around the corner. Screeching like a demented banshee, I took off down the driveway after them, regretting as I sometimes do, that I hadn't taught 'madam' to come when I called. She rarely gets out, you see.

She was having a wonderful time, with the smells of bunnies in the grass, and the wind blowing through her curls, bringing yet more wonderful aromas.

I grabbed a lead and put it on Lily, the white girl (who is on heat!), and took off after them, hoping my shouting wouldn't alarm our distant neighbours.

The old dog's advanced age and heart condition was catching up with him; he decided not to visit where he used to and turned towards home, probably because I was sounding dangerously serious, or seriously dangerous.

The crazy teenager kept on her wild adventure, leaping through the long wet grass, nose to the ground. She threatened to crawl under the fence to chase the sheep, but my hysterical "No!" turned her back. On and on she went until I got the car and chased her up the road, where finally she gave up and we came home, with me trying hard not to snarl at her. Better to praise than to punish.

Needless to say, my beautiful sunset was gone forever.

About dogs.........

"I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better. They fight for honor at the first challenge, make love with no moral restraint, and they do not for all their marvelous instincts appear to know about death. Being such wonderfully uncomplicated beings, they need us to do their worrying. "

... George Bird Evans, Troubles with Bird Dogs

Pensive moment

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