Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vets in Trouble with Pannus

Lily's eye was removed in July, and now it seems it was not necessary. Her other eye flared up a few months back with the same symptoms as the first. I took her to the vet (not the same one, but the same vet clinic) and it was immediately diagnosed as Pannus. We used Cortisone Drops and anti-inflammatories and it improved overnight.

I got onto the internet and did lots of research and found it was an hereditary condition and always affects both eyes .... though not necessarily at the same time. It cannot be cured, but can be controlled, as her remaining eye is now.

That led me to the conclusion that the first vet, who was pretty unpleasant to deal with, had not dealt with Lily correctly by not trying everything that could be tried before removing the eye.

I called a meeting with her and the senior vet. She apologised if I felt that she had been judgemental about me, but would not admit she could have done better. The senior vet said they had done nothing wrong and had provided me with all the options I needed. He also made a throwaway comment that 'Lily's eye was shot anyway', even though he had not seen the dog for nearly a year. He was in no position to make such a judgement. Luckily, I found a photo of Lily with a nearly clear eye only 7 weeks before the surgery, so that blows his theory out of the water, and gives me proof.

To cut a long story short, I have made a complaint to the Veterinary Board, they have accepted it and sent my submission on to the vets involved. They will send a reply back and it will be sent on to me for my comments. Finally, if we can't reach an agreement, it will go to a formal meeting.

Sometimes it pays to make a stand, as I am now. They are probably protecting themselves from litigation, but that was never on my agenda. I asked for my money back, and then said I would accept half in the spirit of compromise.... and they have refused. We'll see. The vet board doesn't make judgements about money, just the professional behaviour of vets.

I'm just rattling the bars of their cage a bit at this stage, but I'm pretty upset.


Andrew said...

This is an interesting one. If it was a person, the matter would be taken very seriously. In fact I doubt it would have happened. Surely a second opinion would have been sought before removing an eye. Let us know how it goes.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh no I feel sick. the bastard. what other patients has he cacked up I wonder? in every profession there is good and bad. I am gutted to think of Lily suffering trauma confusion and pain for nothing. write his name on a candle and let it burn down to nothing. I did that simple voodoo to Ansett after I witnessed them fling my cat carrier into the hold, and where are they now?
I did it to the State Savings Bank when they refused me a houseloan because I didn't "have a husband" - and where are they now? (I got the loan elsewhere and paid it out quite soon.) Now that the self-help is out of the way, some more refined assistance will be found, for your complaint about their 'throwaway' sorry, at this lovely woman's Melbourne blog - it's worth the click - Respect The Sorry

I am so glad you went to that crummy vet's higher authority. hugs to darling doggie, with integrity worth more than any human's.

BlissHill said...

It was actually a she, and she's a bit weird. i like the candle idea and will try that as soon as I can get some incantations going. I had problems years ago with Westpac. I had a 15 year mortgage (started while married) and never missed a payment. I divorced, sold and bought another property, assuming that I would have no problems getting a loan. No such luck! They couldn't give a damn about my impeccable record. I got a solicitor's loan from a friend's super, and was much better off.