Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stop Live Export Petition Launched

I am a passionate supporter of ending this vile trade, and contribute everywhere I can to push for change. I have just launched a petition with Avaaz, a 15 million member petition group, which has brought about major change in many areas of need worldwide.

I also write to the local newspaper whenever a new LE disaster surfaces, to politicians, on blogs, Face Book Pages, and donate to Animals Australia. We try to keep the pressure on government for change.

I like this..... "Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation." Robert Kennedy, 1966.

This is the content of my Avaas petition:
"Australia has developed a long standing industry of exporting thousands of cows, sheep and goats onto tightly packed ships and transporting them for sometimes up to a month to as far away as the Middle East.

They suffer and can be injured from inclement weather on the water and extreme temperatures they are not used to. They can sicken or starve, and thousands die, to be thrown overboard, which has been said to mess with the ocean ecology.

If they reach their destination intact, they are then subjected to often cruel handling and brutal slaughter without stunning that would not be allowed in Australia and many countries around the world.

Australians have been horrified time and time again by vision of extreme cruelty in Live Export destinations, but the government refuses to budge as it is seen as a financially valuable industry. Month by month, new horror stories emerge to shock the nation. 

Please add your voice to help end this cruel trade."

Please consider signing on this link: 


Andrew said...

I've signed such petitions before and I will again. Why are we told the system is working when it so clearly is not.

BlissHill said...

It's an absolute nightmare.... every month there's a new horrifying expose. Thanks for signing Andrew, and pass it on if you can.

Ann O'Dyne said...

my dear friend of 16 years is a sheep farmer. She keeps what she calls "the boat sheep" under cover for some reason. She said that they are mutton which Australian consumers will not buy (as our parents did) and that the vile disgusting evil misogynist Saudis will pay twice their value in Australia.
This money had put 3 children through private school and university.
I do know that if my health ever became terminal I would go straight down to Portland dock (where my ancestors landed in 1854) and shoot every truckdriver I could and then myself. My friends would all say "ah Annie, that's the way she would have wanted to go: animal related, making a point, and saving effort".


BlissHill said...

Good on you Ann. I agree about truckdrivers and Portland dock. Adelaide has recently shut down access to theirs for sheep transport. I wish more ports would take that step and the problem would be over.

Pigs might fly too.