Saturday, February 18, 2012

Listing my Paintings

I have put in my site description that Bliss Hill is for my paintings as well as daily life, so I decided I would put a painting in every few days and any interesting details about it. Some will be sold, and some will be for sale.

Number 1 is 'Drifting'

A few years back, Mr Bliss and I went with a couple of our favorite people to cruise down the Murray from Echuca for four days on a house boat. Traveling so slowly and almost silently was very relaxing. The River Red Gums were majestic along the banks and I took a lot of photos of the water, trees, sunsets and wild life. I haven't painted any riverscapes yet, but I did paint this.

The river is a dull brown most times, but does get a bit of a blue green glow on bright sunny days. I have painted many reflections over the years, mostly from boats at Bermagui, so I have a bit of a fascination with them.

I hung over the side of the houseboat and threw some plucked wattle into the water and photographed it as it floated away. 

Painting all those ripples sent my brain a bit mushy, but once you establish where everything is, it's like embroidery.

This oil painting is quite large, and now belongs to a friend of mine who loves to decorate her beautiful house. She snapped it up as soon as it was done.

She comes up to my house most Tuesdays, and has done for around 12 years to draw with me in my studio. I rarely go to hers because we catch up on our friendship up here.

She does put on a wonderful Christmas lunch for our small group every couple of years, so I caught up with my painting in December. I still love it, and so does she.


Ann O'Dyne said...

good idea, keep 'em coming Blissy.
I got to Archies Creek Hotel and your show there looked very beautiful.

Archies Creek is a dear little 'hamlet' and the original hotel is what I expected, and the 5-star glamorous extension was a big surprise. Big-time gourmet dining in luxury, and the display of antique Champagne stuff was impressive.
I hope you have red dots on everything.

BlissHill said...

You're lovely, going to the trouble of getting there. It seems so out of the way, and the place is a surprise.

Red dots? I'm afraid not. After I committed to a show there, I was told by an artist who had showed there not to expect any sales, and there has been only two small ones gone.

We spent a couple of hours there yesterday watching the world go by, and not a single person came in from outside where there was live music, food and drinks. No signage!

I ruffled the arts director's feathers on Friday saying what I had heard and she wasn't pleased, saying there had been plenty of sales over the year they've had the gallery open. Nope, not true.

Never mind, I am bundling it all up and hopefully going to a week in Portland to my invited 'artist in residence' there, probably in October for their upwelling festival.

It's been a great week at Bliss Hill, so I am not going to let it get me down.

Marshall Stacks said...

two is good then.

Portland is a more sophisticated and cultured place and you will do better there. My ancestors landed there in 1853 and GGGF built half the historic bluestone still standing.

I HAVE HAD IT WITH BLOGGERS double WV in stupid unreadable font. have tried to find where on my Settings i can get rid of it so my commenters do not have the pestilence of it, but failed. if anyone knows please share.

BlissHill said...

See Go down to near the bottom to 'Show word verification for comments?' . Say NO.

Hope that helps.

Re: Portland. It is quite an historic place. We were there late last year, and enjoyed wandering around and learning the history.