Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cloudy shapes

On my daughter's Facebook page, she posted the picture above showing a dog/cloud, and wondering whether it was Photoshopped. It's very clever, so I said I would do one as well. Being a poodle person, I chose one as my 'doggy cloud', and see below for my effort.

It takes a while copying, cloning and pasting sections, but I'm pleased with the result.


I have just bought a new pen tablet and am looking forward to it arriving next week. My old one became obsolete as I updated computers and operating systems, and they never updated their drivers. 

I am really looking forward to having one again, because I want to do digital art and maybe translate it onto canvas in paint.


Ann O'Dyne said...

it is absolutely poodley perfect..

David Hockney immediately made art on his iPhone. no boundaries.

BlissHill said...

I have just looked him up! He's doing great little drawings with his one.

Wonderful! I am going to Europe this year and will be drawing along the way, and was intending to buy an iPad, so will use that! Thank you so much for your information. :0)