Thursday, February 23, 2012

'B J's Got a Rock'

This painting is 20 years old, and when I was painting in acrylics. It was presented and sold in my solo show at a gallery in Brighton. I sold 29 paintings on the opening night, which was a HUGE thrill. Sadly, the current financial climate seems to have somewhat slowed down spending these days.

I was fascinated by painting water then and still am now, and the fine glazing of light paint on the surface was really working for me.

He was a dear old dog; one of those obsessive, gotta have something in your mouth kind of pooches, and I worried about his teeth wearing down with all those rocks he was carrying.

I really love this painting.


Ann O'Dyne said...

I love it too, and I love dogs.
My friend collects stones wherever we go, not with her teeth of course, but it's just as bad/nutty.

BlissHill said...

Ha ha! Very good! I've got a few little rocks from beaches around Oz too.