Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last week saw my damaged knee go out from under me and a clumsy slide down a steep slope with that leg tucked underneath. This ridiculous attempt at acrobatics has left me with my injury ramped up to pretty unbearable. By Thursday, and under the not so gentle hands of my physiotherapist, I was asked whether I might have broken something? That had never occurred to me, but as the day progressed and the pain escalated, I took my unused x-ray request from two weeks before and had it done.

Outside in the car afterwards, I peered at the films to see if there was anything obvious. Apart from what looked like some abraded bone surface where one bone could have twisted on the other, there were no obvious crack lines. I called in for a wait-for-it appointment and the doctor agreed with me, telling me to rest and take my anti-inflammatories.

The next day I was desperate, so much so I moved the surgeon's appointment forward two weeks, and went to see him yesterday. He was annoyingly uncommunicative as he twisted my leg up and down, causing me to really yelp with pain. He said he didn't know what the problem was, but wanted an MRI scan done, and was I happy to have an arthroscope done if necessary to tidy up the cartilage? "Anything!" I said, so long as it felt better.

So, the saga goes on. I constantly remind myself how lucky I was to get out with so few injuries, and as we see more road trauma accidents with horrific damage, I am grateful .... enormously so. An ad for a current affair show tonight shows a poor girl with what looks like a broken glass stab injury to her face, and tell myself 'there but for the grace of God go I........'

Soft bodies and hard surfaces don't go well together.

But my hand is coming good - gaining strength and much more movement. I even clipped two of my poodles over the past few days, which they really needed. Driving is easier now I can use that hand a little more.

On a lighter note, I am posting some photos of the different lavenders I have in the garden. My dear old camera's 'close up' opens up a whole new world!

"I always try to believe the best of everybody -- it saves so much trouble."
... Rudyard Kipling

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