Saturday, November 24, 2007

A New Day Dawns


It was a full moon last night, and as I watched it rising majestically into the evening sky, I reflected on how it can send people a little nuts at times.

I put the television on and discovered that it looked like Australia was about to usher in a new Prime Minister; a Labor one. Out with the old and in with the new.

It has been a difficult decision, deciding how to vote, but we had to get rid of John Howard. Although he has done some very credible things for the country, at times he has also shown himself to be pretty ruthless and dishonest as well.

Kevin Rudd seems a bit soft for the job, but he doesn't want Nuclear Power Stations, seems serious about Climate Change, and will abolish the appalling Work Choices legislation that has distressed so many. Hopefully he will also block the ghastly pulp mill
in beautiful Tasmania passed by the Libs just before the election that has so many people up in arms.

Eleven and a half years of power has left JH arrogant and irritable, and so determined to have a huge surplus he forgot to care for those taxpayers voting for him and paying his wages.

Enough said, dear Kevin was piffling on in his acceptance speech and I turned him off, so now there's three years to look forward to with the remote in hand changing channels each time he talks.

Small price to pay for a fresh start!

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.
... William Ewart Gladstone

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