Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Did He or Didn't He?

I sat for an hour in the Medical Centre yesterday waiting for my lovely lady doctor. She always apologises for the long wait, and gently reminds me that she spends as much time as needed on each patient.

I don't mind, as she is very special, looking me in the eye with compassion and interest, and explaining everything. She doesn't let you leave until you're sure you'd dealt with all you had come for, and then some.

She expressed some concern about the condition of my wrist, and it's long term prospects.

The reason for the heading to this post is that for that hour, I watched the doctor who caused my accident greet and farewell about 6 patients. He looked in my direction many times, and gave no sign of recognition, even though I stared at him somewhat. He behaves so 'warm and fuzzy' to those paying his wages, but outside of that?................

People! So many pay lip service just to get what they want. Thank goodness there are wonderful people in my life now who do not.

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