Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back to Reality

Well, my birthday week is now over, and the new week begins. It rained relentlessly on Saturday night, leaving the garden sodden, the water tanks overflowing and deep channels gouged into our long sloping driveway. The sheep stood miserably, weighed down with wet wool, and the lambies shook themselves cheerfully to clear the rivulets running into their eyes.

We had loaded a deep layer of mulch onto most of the garden the day before, so the expected rain would leave the soil warm and moist underneath. A timely achievement! It's amazing how mulch makes your garden look finished off, like a rich carpet, enhancing the colours and shapes of your plants. Of course, the added benefits of fewer weeds and less watering throughout summer are very important as well. Even my scrappy beds look cared for now. Time for more plantings..........

It pips me off big time I don't have two hands to do all I would like to. I use a sharpened kitchen knife to circle and sever weed roots single handed, which works quite well, and I can aerate
or rake the surface of the soil at the same time. I can't rake, or use a shovel, and that is very frustrating.

My man and I took the two hour Sunday drive down to my daughter's home for a barbecue lunch put on for my birthday. It rained all the way, and the traffic was considerably slower than normal. We fondly viewed the beautiful baby grandson, now sitting upright and playing, cuddled the wonderful eight year old, drank champagne and ate a delicious lunch.

It was still drizzling all the way home.

This week will bring the serious matters of more physiotherapy, and a doctor's visit, but that starts tomorrow. Today, I am dabbling away at my watercolours...........

This is another effort of one I have just done. I have reduced the bright colours, and experimented with watercolour pencils and acrylic inks on top. I like this one better.

On Friday, the Water Water 07 exhibition opens in Sale, with some fanfare. We will go and stay overnight to attend the opening. I am looking forward to seeing my painting framed and set in context with the other works.

This weekend's heavy rains were pretty much state wide, and sparked flash flooding in areas that were under water only months before; the subject of this exhibition. I was visualising the gallery in Sale being under water, which would have been an odd state of affairs............

"Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever. "

... Author Unknown

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