Monday, January 16, 2012

Macro Shots

I got a macro lens for my nearly new Canon Eos DSLR for Christmas. I have always loved taking close up photos, and used to push my past cameras to their limit to get as close to the miniscule world as possible. 

But my new lens brings photography to a whole new level and I am discovering tiny creatures and details on plants I never new were there. It's a tiny world where everything is living their tiny little lives as best they can, and we know little about what's happening around us.

Macro lens have a very shallow depth of field, so things go in and out of focus within a few millimetres. Breathing in or swaying slightly can turn your carefully planned shot into mush. Using a  tripod is something I haven't done yet, even though I have one, because a slight breeze can render that ineffective. I have trawled the net for possible solutions, but have decided the secret is to take lots of shots and hopefully one will turn out OK, which they have..

Bright iridescent sparkles on a beetle

The ethereal beauty of a common cabbage moth

A section of a budding head from a leek plant. reminds me of the egg pods in 'Alien'!

A spectacular thingie on a geranium stalk.

Kinda proud of this one - exactly right!

Tiny little fly on a hebe blossom

A tiny beetle in my Julia's Rose

My delicious raspberries


Andrew said...

Brilliant, but I never knew raspberries had those fine hairs on them. Not sure I wanted to know really.

BlissHill said...

It seems most things in the plant world have hairs on them, from what I've seen so far.....