Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fresh Blogging on the way .... truly!

I have really given myself a good talking to (finally) about letting a perfectly good blog stagnate for such a long time., so I have gone in and freshened the look of it up and reacquainted myself with the possible pleasures of having a functioning Blog and regular visitors who comment on your thoughts and images.

Blogging can be very time consuming, but rewarding in many ways, if only going in and following your history and thoughts over the preceding years.

I do have a stat counter on the bottom and was amazed this morning to check visitors and found there are still people coming in for a look.

So there! I am exhausted by all this adjusting templates and colours and fonts, so will go and have some lunch and a ponder on other things and be back as soon as my inspiration rekindles!


Andrew said...

It looks very nice and certainly stylish. Now for the content.

Pants said...

Well, hey there Blissy, Pants here. Great to have you back. I hear you're about to have an exhibition. Being a fellow Gippy these days, I might drop by.



BlissHill said...

How lovely to hear from you both! You are very patient. I promise to get on and do..... :0)