Sunday, January 22, 2012


I was rattling through my studio preparing for my coming exhibition. I thought I might find something small that would go well in the show. People love to buy, but don't always want to buy BIG.

I found some that I had done and put away, thinking they didn't measure up. But it's funny how absence make the heart grow fonder; I really liked them, so they are off at the framer getting tarted up. 

I really enjoy the scribbly layered effect, so will do more when this madness of a solo show passes.....


Ann O'Dyne said...

The exhibition looks beautiful and I am so glad we got there from Ballarat, and you are a clever thing.
I hope there are red dots on everything, and what a gorgeous venue to show them in.

BlissHill said...

Sorry I didn't respond to this beforehand, it sat waiting for moderation until now(I thought I had shut that down!). The show has been well received, but sadly, not enough people go through there. They don't seem to know that there is a gallery inside to wander through when there are crowds outside. We spent a few hours there on Sunday and watched, and no-one went inside. So, not so many dots unfortunately, but there you go..... life has a habit of rewarding you in other ways. Wait for when Hot Seat is on! There are rewards to be had there (hint). :0)

Marshall Stacks said...

HotSeat must have been a good result or you wouldn't be mentioning it so I am happy for you there.
re getting the lookers:
make an A-board for Portland.

I drove there from Blt one time for the Vern McCallum Old Photos exhibit and so did THOUSANDS of other people from further away. it went for 3 days.
So don't think portland is too far away.
x x

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