Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Three Weeks Past a Knee Replacement

Well, most of the excitement is now over, the worst of the pain is done, and I can actually put my knee under my pooter desk for a time.

They were right, it is an excruciating operation and the level of medication needs to be kept nice and high. I do have trouble getting comfortable in bed, and am still fighting a losing battle to get that blasted supporting pillow out from under my knee.

The hospital and nurses were exceptional and my surgeon was a delight to work with.

I did have a truly horrifying moment when I woke up and everything below my waist was dead; just couldn't feel a thing. I recalled I had a spinal anesthetic before going under, and it took about 4 hours to wear off after waking. The panic was huge, and I experienced the desperate need to move that spinal injury patients must have when they are trying to feel anything. Fortunately mine wore off.

I was lucky to be in with a pleasant woman who had exactly the same op as me, except she was number one on our surgeon's list. She was a policewoman who lived alone, and a little eccentric. We got on well all week, though she was a little prone to grumpiness at times, but none was directed at me.

We were out of bed on the second day and walking and showering on the third. Marvelous!!!

Six days later, I was out and home, and being fluffed over by my lovely man. Now three weeks today and although the knee could be bending a bit more, I am walking short distances without crutches and even driving the car, as it's an automatic. I actually went quietly around the supermarket yesterday without crutches, and it was great!

Now it's just physio to increase that bend and strengthen the supporting muscles. If I don't get a good result by the end of this month, I will be put back under anesthetic and the scar tissue will be broken up by manipulation. A good reason to work hard.


Andrew said...

It is a long recovery process Bliss. I am sure you will running over meadows soon.

BlissHill said...

I am in my head already, Andrew............ :0)

zooms said...

Good for you Blisshill, though that last bit sounds a bit scary, keep up the good work and know that we are all thinking of you. x

BlissHill said...

Thanks Zooms, and yes, the thought of that last bit makes me work that much harder! :0)

JahTeh said...

Best way to get that bend is to lie on your stomach and bend the leg up behind you.
I had both knees done before I was 50 and started physio in the hospital as soon as one eye opened.
Believe me I feel your pain.

BlissHill said...

Hi JahTeh. Yes my man gets me in a leg lock twice a day and makes my eyes water. Wow! Two knees before you were 50. That's a hard one.