Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slimy People

I though I had a buyer for my motorcycle after running it through eBay a couple of times. During the second 10 days, I had 18 watchers, which is a lot, but none of them translated into buyers. After the auction ended, I was contacted by one who expressed interest. A few emails back and forth ensued where I described the bike in detail and gave him my firm price of $18,900.

He asked for photos, so I got it out of the shed, rinsed the dust off it, gave it a polish and took a bunch. The photos were duly sent of into cyberspace.

He finally rang, all sugar and super cool, which got my hackles up straight away.

To cut a long story short, he pretended he had lots of bikes he was looking at and wasn't sure which one was mine. He never bought anything new; he was a car dealer and ran 14 - 15 cars through his books weekly (liar!), and on and on......... He was so transparent.

Then he said he would only be interested in mine if he could get it for $14,000 - $15,000. "It's not going to happen," I said. It has been valued at $21,500 by experts.

I don't think I would buy a car from this man.

Back to the drawing board. The financial meltdown is taking it's toll. Maybe I'll just put it back in the shed until it's over.


That's So Pants said...

Hi Blissie

What a waste of time. Maybe you should wait for a spate of warm, dry weather and try again.



zooms said...

Maybe your 'baby' is not ready to leave you just yet. Perhaps waiting for the 'new ' knee?
My opinion for what it is worth? Only sell to a soul mate, something this precious, those treasured memories and the open road?
If you do sell, there is someone out there that will love your baby as you do. xxx

BlissHill said...

Yes Pants, it can wait until after knee recovery time now.

Zooms, you are so wise. I couldn't bear to see my beautiful bike being ridden down the road with this 'wannabee' riding it.

Everything resolves in time.


Bwca said...

Bike must go to a good home.
peace and love from me

zooms said...

How is the new knee coming along, can you bend it yet? Hope all is well and that you are doing your exercises. Miss you x

BlissHill said...

Thanks BWCA and Zooms.

The new knee is now 11 days old, with the staples coming out tomorrow. It looks like a big zipper down the front, and unbelievably painful. It's also very hard to put comfortably under my desk, hence my silence. Next week should be better.

I will come back!!!