Saturday, December 13, 2008

Driving While Drugged

The last few weeks have been a drug filled haze, where I have done my stretches, had a doze, done more stretches and then dozed some more, waiting for my miraculous recovery to come about.

Last week gave me a rude awakening.

I had to have a blood test which required fasting, and also 20 minutes with the physio.

On the way down the hill into town, I told myself I was a bit hazy, feeling I was on the edge of doing the dreaded 'micro-sleeps'; just zoning in and out. Quite scary, so I put the radio on loud and the air con and made it safely for physio. An hour and half later, where I semi dozed waiting for my blood test, I got back in the car to go home.

To cut a long story short, I drove into a roundabout with out looking, not remembering how I got there. I was startled into reality by the furious blasting of horns by a large van which nearly t-boned me. Wooooo! That shot me some adrenaline and freshened me up enough to make it home in one piece.

The drugs I was on certainly helped with the extreme pain, but now I have weaned myself off so I can drive safely.


Andrew said...

Lesson learnt Bliss? In sickness and as you age, you have to realise your limitations. Hope you are mending ok.

BlissHill said...

Definitely a lesson learned Andrew.

JahTeh said...

You can sleep? I don't think I slept for ages and no painkillers did it for me ever. I remember looking at my diary when I had the second knee done to see if I'd written down when the pain actually stopped with the first one but no such luck.
I was accidentally given the operation report and they did everything but throw the leg across the theatre, very enlightening it was.

BlissHill said...

It's an amazing brutal mechanical operation, as most joint replacements are, I guess. I find it fascinating.

Sleep? Well, I have slept reasonably OK while I was doing the drugs big time, but the last three have been very bad. I have stared at the ceiling for hours, thinking dark thoughts.

zooms said...

In the seconds that it takes you to read this you will be some seconds better than you were some seconds ago.... and so it goes...
Well done you Blisshill for knocking off the meds and so glad you weren't hurt. It won't help you get to and fro to your appointments but one mode of transport may help with the knee , borrow an exercise bike, and if you wear yourself out from all that pedaling, you may just be able to sleep for a while.

BlissHill said...

Yes Zooms, I do have an exercise bike, but cannot bend the leg enough to do the full circle yet. Makes it a bit boring and painful.

But all is going well. I have the surgeon next week and he may put me in theatre and hurry the process along. Erghhhh!

zooms said...

Ouch x

anodyne Brownie said...

I think EVERBODY enters roundabouts to fast,everybody ignores the 'who entered first' law in favor of give way to the right, and if that truck had been driven by a woman there would have been no fright of horns.

Drugged drivers are more at risk than drunk ones, and there is no police test for the most lethal driver of all: A woman in the middle of a divorce.

Stay safe and recuperate quickly.