Friday, July 13, 2007

'Magpie' - 5" X 7" - Oil on canvas board

I worked very hard today, trying to make up for days off.... family, doctor, etc. It gave me time to rethink how to paint these small cameos. I am used to working large - drawing and blocking in using acrylic, then layers of oil on top. I still draw in roughly in acrylic, but now am practising to build the painting using mostly the one layer. That way there is no mud!

My magpie is one of our babies. I love my maggies, but at the moment we have a lot of delinquent teenagers, who soil our water-catching roof, verandahs, and anything else that takes their fancy. I'll be relieved when most move away and take up their adult responsibilities. BUT, they play, and chat, and catch the breeze. Oh to be so free..........

This painting is SOLD.


Ann O'Dyne said...

isn't 'FlipCard View' terrific? Just seeing all your images on one screen makes them all look like Greatest Hits. I have magpies who come when I call out. From blocks away.
Because I fed them mince through the winter mornings and always called out 'Birdy!'
Now it's bug-laden summer, but in an effort to lure me out at 8am, they mimic the sound of me. Must be because finding food for the new babies isn't amusing them anymore. They have sky-battles with nest-burglar crows too.
I hope all is good at your place.

BlissHill said...

Hi Anne, great to hear from you! Yes, the new format is very clever. Some posts maybe I don't want to see again. I love magpies and have done one digitally on my pooter that I am printing up and selling really well. I'm determined to crank up this blog and post regularly, so watch this space. Will post my new magpie ASAP when I have a few seconds more to spare. Hope all is good at your place too! xxx