Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nothing Worse than a Cold Model

Local artists usually have a fortnightly meeting at a local hall, hire a model and draw for two hours. Mid winter at Yarragon Hall is not a good place to be at 10am, and our model was battling serious goose bumps, and we were having to work on the extra drapery she needed to keep warm. So I offered my studio, saying we had plenty of room and an excellent heater.

A week before, the said heater decided to pack it in, and led me into a panic stricken series of phone calls and visits from the repairman. A new compressor was put in the day before our session, and I relaxed somewhat, but no, it was still a no-go.

Plan B had to be put in place, and I readied the house for an influx of artists and easels. We all jammed into our dining area, and the model had a prized place near the fire. Tight, but friendly. All had a productive day and certainly pronounced it a great success. No-one knew the hostess had been rushing around preparing for a head-spinning two hours beforehand, to meet them all calmly at the door.

Still no heater, and no new paintings as it's as cold as a grave down in my hidey-hole. Maybe I'll list some life drawings! Or drag everything up here..........

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