Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Green Bottle' - 5" X 7" Original Oil on Canvas Board

I was shopping in town today, and thought I would go into the local Opportunity Shop to see if I could pick up some quaint pieces to paint. The building was quite large and bulging untidily with heaps of secondhand goods.

'What a tangle!' I thought, and began to wander about. After about five minutes, a small, officious looking lady called out to me asking whether I was looking or had some other business. "Just looking' I replied. Well that cranked up the poor dear, and she told me in no uncertain terms, that it was the 'sorting room' and the shop was up the road. The only goods for sale were in the window.

Duly disciplined, I left with what remaining dignity I had and went obediently up the road. I did find some small treasures, one of which you see here below.

This painting is for sale for AU $50 -
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Paypal for overseas. Direct Bank Deposit within Australia

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