Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dova Now

I'm in hospital in dire straits at the moment as my swallowing has shut down. So tube feeding and waiting for yet more endless tests.

But, a current picture of glorious Dova. I have this one my desktop in hospital so she meets my eye every time I start it up.


Andrew said...

Good luck.

Robyn Rinehart Art said...

Thanks Andrew, I need it. But others are far worse off than I am in this Neurology ward. New life lessons every day.

Ann ODyne said...

jeepers Blissy, I drift away in my usual cloud and you go pear-shape.
I do hope you are A1 now.

My heart haemorrhaged with yours for Lily, and takes a blow at the very thought of Dova in a crate for an epic journey. She is absolutely beautiful too. Wishing you both resilience. X X

Robyn Rinehart Art said...

Thanks Ann! Out and OK, sort of. A bit of a puzzle with the diagnosis. Will post some cheery stuff.