Sunday, April 14, 2013

Borzoi Puppy Dova Arrives

Our hearts kept hemorrhaging after losing our Lily, so much so when I told a friend and doggie expert the whole sorry tale, she told me about a top quality borzoi puppy that was available up in Queensland. She knew I had always loved borzois, and having a show quality puppy I could get me hands on was too much to pass up.

Dova has come in to our family and stopped up the holes and made me laugh more than cry.

She was transported door to door, and was a bit tired and confused as she was let out of her crate, but didn't take long to get some food into her and enjoying a cuddle.

She is a delight, with a gentle temperament, wicked puppy ways and huge intelligence. She is growing like a weed and has passed her standard poodle house mate Zara. I am sure when she gets up each morning, she has grown a few more centimetres.

Her close female relative in Queensland is just over 2 years old and has reached 31 inches at the shoulder. That's the height of the average dining table, so she is going to be a big girl.

Soon after she arrived
Loves her squeakies
Sneaking a snooze on the chair - not allowed!

Racing around with Zara

Taken yesterday for the Breeder to see how she's developing


Ann ODyne said...

so glad Zara has a pal to play with, but poor Dova having that hideous long journey for it (I hope she was sedated).
Being a Russian dog you missed naming her Lara after Dr Zhivago heroine. Zara and Lara would have been cute.
wishing them both good health and happiness for you all

Robyn Rinehart Art said...

Hi Ann, sorry, I only found your comment months later. See my next post for recent picture. She is glorious!