Friday, February 27, 2009

No Gratitude for our Hospitality

This week we saw a young man on CCTV having his head kicked by Sudanese youths at a suburban railway station. We watch as he is shadowed by the three along a narrow corridor, how they spoke to him then shoved him down and aimed deliberately at his head. He tried to get up a couple of times, but they kicked him down again.

Apart from this shocking violence from the recipients of our refuge policies, there was more. A young couple stepped into the corridor, and walked quietly past, obviously nervous, but made no attempt to help. I am assuming that they told no-one, because after the men left, the injured man stumbled to his feet, bouncing backwards and forwards between the walls as he went to find help. No-one came, so I am assuming the couple did nothing. Good to know we all take care of each other.

I'm not sure but I think this man is still in hospital with 'serious head injuries'. Two of the three men have been arrested.

They have come from a place where violence is normal, and landing in 'safe' Australia, they form gangs and cause this sort of mayhem to peaceful Australians.


Andrew said...

If I were one of the couple, I would have turned around and ran away. And called 000. The alleged perpetrators will get some stern words and bonds if convicted. You can only shake your head in despair when you see stuff like this.

BlissHill said...

I have a small connection with a Sudanese family, and they are working hard to integrate and get educated. It's the young men with poor language skills,an attitude, and unemployable are going to be a real problem.

000 is the way to go, and most have a mobile phone. Let's hope that's what happened.

Bwca said...

The Sudanese in Victoria certainly do come from a savage and violent society.
The people who bring them here need to trip over themselves explaining that we, in general, do not hack at each other with machetes.