Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Close Call

Mr Bliss had a fright three days ago while he was messing around out in his shed. He stood on a rake which had the classic reaction of smashing up into his face. The rake was old and had a frayed pointy end on the handle. It knocked his glasses off his nose and whacked him in the eye, which made him turn the air blue with his cursing.

On examination, there was blood running out of his eye and the eyeball looked a bit scraped. He went off to the hospital to wait the interminable wait in casualty, and came home with drops and a patch on his eye.

He was very lucky that he didn't pop the eyeball, but he is recovering, and back to firefighting again today. Another check with a doctor yesterday showed it was healing well, so we can both breathe a sigh of relief.


Ann oDyne said...

oh no, poor guy.

A tiny reminder,
a split-second of inattention,
a micro-millimetre,
of the impermanence of our lives.

and luck.
may the same luck keep you all safe.

BlissHill said...

Thank you Ann. Sorry my response has been so late.