Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Babies Coming and Going.

I got up yesterday at 6am to check our ewes and discovered that one had what looked like a big red ball protruding from her rear. Deciding this was out of the realms of our limited experience, I rang a local vet who came up to see her.

She had a vaginal prolapse and two lambs stuck in behind a barely dilated cervix, neither were in a good position to come out normally.

He managed to get the prolapse back in and after an hour of manipulating, got both lambs out. Both were very stressed with the lengthy process, but I revived one, and lost the other. Next time I will do mouth to mouth as it struggled to breathe but was blocked up somewhere.

Mum was stitched up to hold all together and I put the surviving baby back with it. She showed only slight interest in it, even though I had plonked the little thing in front of her nose and she sort of licked it after it was born.

Cutting a long story short, she doesn't want to know, even after a night together in a confined nursery, so I now have a new responsibility ..... Little Timmy (after the vet). He was feeding first from a syringe and my finger to get him sucking, but today he has graduated to a bottle.


The poodles would love to have a lamb dinner so now must be segregated. I am thinking maybe a couple more orphaned babies for company, so I am asking around.

I can only get this loud, busy little boy to sleep if I drop a towel over his head, otherwise he follows me round baaing.

In the meantime we have two sets of twin from other gals. One more ewe to go.


New knee on 12th November, which is great as I will get the babies up and running by then.


Andrew said...

He looks very happy Bliss, and so he should.

zooms said...

What are you feeding him on Blisshill? my friend is in a similar predicament. Counting down to knee day, I imagine that they will have you 'up and running' again, before too long.
best wishes, Zooms xxx

BlissHill said...

I did a lot of research on the Net and came up with generic full cream milk powder (supermarket or animal supply place). They need colostrum on day one from a 'first mother milking'(preferable for antibodies,etc), but you can mix up one cup of P/Milk to three cups water, one egg, a tsp of oil, and tsp glucodin which will help if you can't get natural. I was lucky and got some frozen cow colostrum. Then just cut out the additives after that.

There is heaps of info online.

I have actually sent him off last night for babysitting because I don't have safe facilities for him here. I must say it's a relief, even though he is delightful. My whole house was turned upside down, and can he pee!!! I had the mop and bucket at the ready all the time.

Yes, knee countdown is on. It will be great to have that over.